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Ivan Ives - "Victory" featuring Vast Aire
from the album 'Iconoclast' which also features 2Mex, Cappadonna, and OC
courtesy of NoThreshold
Spank Rock - "Put That Pu$$y On Me"

courtesy of Ninjatune / Big Dada
Sage Francis
"Civil Disobedience"
from the album 'Human the Death Dance'

Editor's Choice.
courtesy of Epitaph/ANTI
"Flyentology (Cassettes Won't Listen Remix) feat. Trent Reznor"

courtesy of Definitive Jux Records
Otem Rellik featuring Astronautalis - "Warm Pockets"

courtesy of DeadSpaceVolume
file under: Hip-Hop,Experimental,Abstract
Chris "Wick" - "Tele-phony"
from the album "Locket in a Well"
With lyrics resembeling a philosophical labyrinth and glitchy, spaced out production, Wick eschews mainstream rap aesthetics while creating thought provoking, neurotic hip hop. Production is skillfully handled by Joe Canham, Polyphonic the Verbose and DJ Otter. The futuristic beats and synth soundscapes combine richly with cello played by Johnnie Cauldwell and flute by Rodney George Peacock. Wick shares the mic with Joe Canham, Haji, Nico B and Amanu Jahku; a diverse array of vocal styles in dialogue.
courtesy of Audio8 Recordings
file under: Hip-Hop
Pugslee Atomz - "Griffin"
from the album "Playing With Matches"
courtesy of Audio8 Recordings
file under: Hip-Hop
Polyphonic - "Moving On"
from the album "Abstract Data Ark"
"Abstract Data Ark seamlessly flows from beginning to end with a balance between textured, spacey instrumentals, and super-charged rap; making this co-mingling of electronica and hip-hop a must-listen"
courtesy of Audio8 Recordings
file under: Hip-Hop
Nico B - "I Gotta Go"
from the upcoming album "Just Another Day"
courtesy of Audio8 Recordings
file under: Hip-Hop
Serengeti - "Teenager"
produced by Emynd
from the album 'Race Trading'
Recorded with Polyphonic during the summer of 2005 and presented to you free in 2006. Features production from Flesh O.N.E., Cool D, Emynd, DJ Crucial, Dirty Heat and Polyphonic. Guest vocal apearances by Lemon and Nico B.
Download the whole album HERE
courtesy of Audio8 Recordings
file under: Hip-Hop
Escape Artists - "Waste"
Wow, take a listen to this. An unreleased track, as of yet! MC's in order of appearance: Ahmuse, Xczircles, Aamir
courtesy of Escape Artists
file under: Hip-Hop, Progressive
Straiht Wikid Crew (aka Jason Fladien)- "Love Me or Hate Me"
from his debut album, 'Kali Yuga Demolition Vol. 1'
courtesy of SWC
Qwel & Jackson Jones - "Blood From A Stone"
from the new album "Dark Day"
file under: Hip-Hop, Progressive
courtesy of: Galapagos4
Outerlimitz - "Packaged in Plastic"
from the new album "Suicide Prevention"
file under: Hip-Hop, Progressive
courtesy of: Galapagos4
D.V. Ayshun - "Isn't It Funny"
from the album "Circles in Which We Walk"
courtesy of: Life For The Better
Offbeat - "My Specialty"
from the album "LIve @ The Bedroom"
courtesy of: Life For The Better
Time - "Thanks Dad, Sorry Mom"
from the album "Litterature"
courtesy of: Dirty Laboratory
Calm (Time and AwareNess)- "Treat me like a villain"
courtesy of: Dirty Laboratory
Synergy (Kurram and E.August)- "Starngers of Free Will"
from their forth-coming full-length
courtesy of: Basement Troubadour
Moshe - "Helping People (Is Cool)"
featuring Nomar Slevik, K-the-I???, Sontiago, and Syn the Shaman
from the album "Miles Away"
courtesy of: Milled Pavement
Sontiago and Moshe
produced and mixed by: Moshe
Rajbot - "Self Strike"
from the album "Modern Complaints"
courtesy of: Spacement Records
written and produced by: Rajbot
soso - "hungover for three days straight"
soso - "finding out about a big pile of stones"
from the album "tenth street and clarence"
courtesy of: ClothesHorseRecords
written and produced by: soso
Cognition - "Frozen Sun" from the album Shipwrecked
produced by: Tree
mixed by: Cognition
courtesy of :sleeping giant music
Cognition - "Nullified Wingspan" featuring Aamir of the Escape Artists from the album Golem (The Flesh)
produced by: Emynd (Vinyl Monkeys)
mixed by: Xczircles
courtesy of : sleeping giant music
Escape Artists
Theta Metronome (Cognition and Aamir) - "Fleeting Simulacrum" featuring Zczircles from the album "The Gathering"
produced by: Emynd (Vinyl Monkeys)
mixed by: Xczircles
courtesy of:
sleeping giant music
Escape Artists
Prince Po and DangerMouse together for your listening pleasure. Look out for the Hold Dat 12" feat. Jemini (produced by Richard X) and a limited promo Social Distortion feat. MF Doom 7" (produced by Danger Mouse) in stores this Spring.
courtesy of lex records
Lotek Hifi - "Fire"
debut from Wayne Bennett's Lotek HiFi project, with the sometimes Roots Manuva producer searching for a whole new sound.
courtesy of Ninjatune
Lotek Hifi - "Ram Dancehall"
courtesy of Ninjatune
LotekHiFi - "Album Mini Mix"
courtesy of Ninjatune
Majesticons - "Brains Party"
courtesy of BigDada
King Geedorah (MF Doom) - "Next Level"
f. Lil Sci, ID 4 WINDS & STAHHR
from the Lp "Take Me To Your Leader".
courtesy of BigDada
Roots Manuva - "Bashment Boogie"
Shadowless Tomz Remix
courtesy of BigDada
Ty - "Takin It Back"

courtesy of BigDada
[ All mp3s posted with permission of artist/label ]