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LA Snacks
“Kristin Was A Meterorologist"
“The Circle Argument"
“The Devil Has Left The Building"
file under : indie rock
courtesy of LA Snacks
"Word Kept Talking" (from their debut 7")
"Planet Man" (from their debut 7")
"Saturated Phat Impact Remix" by The Phantom's Revenge
file under : indie electro remixes
Scripts 'N Screwz
The latest SCRIPTS ‘N SCREWZ Mixtape is here
file under : hip-hop
courtesy of Sscripts 'N Screwz Myspace
Pugslee Atomz
"Roof Top" (Produced by DJ Vadim!)
file under : hip-hop
courtesy of Pugslee Atomz
Of Montreal + Diplo
"Id Engager" (Diplo's Mad Decent Remix)
file under : indie electronic dance funk
ABX (of Hood Internet)
"Styles P vs vampire Weekend"
file under : mash-up
Golden Death Music
"The Unmaking"
file under : indie electronic ambient psychedelic
courtesy of Helmet Room Recordings
The Ritz
"Langston Bukowski"
file under:hip-hop
courtesy of Lab-Oratory Records
Future Ape Tapes
"We Love Oxygen"
an experimental hip-hop band from Atlanta
courtesy of Future Ape Tapes
I Am Three
"Burning Me"
A Manchester acoustic duo featuring Hughes (guitar/vocals) and Irving (double bass, harmonica and vocals)
courtesy of I Am Three's myspace
Yult Koldmane
file under: experimental electronic/instrumental hip-hop
courtesy of Yult Koldmane
"Logan Square (Rent's Due)"
file under: instrumental hip-hop
courtesy of Secret Life of Sound
Boo and Boo Too
"David Turns a Mystic"
"Couch on Fire"
file under: noisey indie post-punk
courtesy of Iron Paw Records
mr Gnome

courtesy of mr Gnome
Mamas and Papas featuring Tupac
"California Dreaming" (manny faces remix)

courtesy of Manny Faces

(v/a) - Invisible Superstars 001
Controller 7 - "Consumer"
Scott Matelic - "Thoughtless"
Corsic - "Romoxy"
Invisible Superstars is a compilation of exclusive beats and experimental sound compositions compiled by Controller 7 (Anticon, Deep Puddle Dynamics, etc.) and The Secret Life of Sound label head R-Rock (rhyme alias Kaptain Nemo, as Mormon Freegan and with Remote Control Frequencies). The compilation features tracks by Controller 7, Scott Matelic, Miles Tillman, PNS (Molemen), Buddy Peace, Corsic, Skoweyajeed, Meatsock, Thomas Dimuzio, Tenshun, and Mormon Freegan. “The goal of Invisible Superstars,” comments R-Rock,“was to create a diverse collection of songs where all of the artists use non-traditional means of composition, whether it be sampling or found sound composition or analog tone generation.
courtesy of The Secret Life of Sound
Oh Astro
"Snow Queen"
"Hello Fujiboy"
file under: glitchy electro indie pop mashups
courtesy of Illegal Art
Yea Big + Kid Static - "Duck Motherfuckers"
from their self-tiled album out now!
courtesy of Yea Big
courtesy of Kid Static

"Post-Corporate Fantasy"
"The Camera Track"
"Welcome To Heaven"
"Snowday Plaything"

"Tiny rhythmic patterns and subtle textural layers are revealed upon repeated listening. Slices of field recordings mesh with surreal electronic melodies, creating enjoyably odd multi-layered musical fun. With this release, Illegal Art (Girl Talk, Oh Astro, Steinski) continues to challenge the restrictions of copyright as perceived by the larger music industry, further illustrating that sample-based music is strikingly some of the most original, innovative, and exciting music being made in the 21st century."
courtesy of Realistic
courtesy of Illegal Art
Hot Chip
"Shake A Fist"
Hot Chip's back with a bang!
courtesy of Hot Chip
"Sprinkle Council"
Orlando based experimental electronic duo, Yip-Yip is currently engaged in an extensive US tour with HEALTH, AIDS Wolf and The Locust. 'Two Kings of The Same Kingdom' which will be released February 5th, 2008 by the California-based S.A.F. label.
courtesy of Yip-Yip
The Oaks
"For hugh Thompson"
"The Sins of My Fathers"
from the self-released, Our Fathers and The Things They Left Behind
file under: post-rock, acoustic
courtesy of The Oaks
M.I.A. - "Boyz" (Hatchmatik Remix)
M.I.A. - "Boyz" (The Twelves Remix)
M.I.A. - "Boyz" (Rock Steady Drew's Fight Mix)
remixes from the 'Kala' album
Cannonball Jane
"Take It To Fanatastic"
Wow. A one woman band that will make most musicians question their talent. A must listen!
from the upcoming album, 'Knee's Up!' which also features a remix by the Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock

courtesy of Cannonball Jane
"Triceratops" (CFCF Remix)
from the self-titled debut album
file under: experimental rock
courtesy of HEALTH
"Snow in Berlin"
from the album, 'Becoming All Things'
Former Mineral and The Gloria Record front man returns to his songwriting roots for debut album with new band, Zookeeper.
file under: acoustic rock
courtesy of Zookeeper
Ivan Ives - "Victory" featuring Vast Aire
from the album 'Iconoclast' which also features 2Mex, Cappadonna, and OC
courtesy of NoThreshold
The Phantom Family Halo
"Lady Blue"
"Black River"
from the album, 'The Legend of Black Six'
courtesy of PFH
Cold Sweat Records
Spank Rock - "Put That Pu$$y On Me"

courtesy of Ninjatune / Big Dada
The Octopus Project
"I Saw the Bright Shinies"
Check 'em out on tour with Cinemechanica, Stereo Total, Aesop Rock...
file under: experimental, indie-electronica
courtesy of Peekaboo Records
The Octopus Project site
"Come Back Home" featuring KRS-1
"Let It Go" featuring Truth Enola
from the album 'WYLA'

courtesy of EV Records
"You're Never Alone"
"(These Are The) Good Old Days"
from the album 'Ghettoblaster'

Editor's Choice.
courtesy of J Dub Records
Sage Francis
"Civil Disobedience"
from the album 'Human the Death Dance'

Editor's Choice.
courtesy of Epitaph/ANTI
Coltrane Motion
"Ex-Girlfriend in a Coma"
from the album 'Songs About Music'

Editor's Choice.
courtesy of Datawaslost
Black Moth Super Rainbow
"Forever Heavy"
"The Afternoon Turns Pink"
from the album 'Dandelion Gum'

Editor's Choice.
courtesy of Graveface
Kinetic Stereokids
"Explosions Were Heard"
"Barefoot in the Rain"
"Cold and Tired"
from the album 'Basement Kids'

Editor's Choice.
courtesy of Overdraft
"Broken Arm"
from the album 'The Light Divides'

courtesy of Signature Sounds
Bright Eyes
"No Riot"
"Four Winds"
from the album 'Calladaga'
"Tourist Trap"
from the 'Four Winds' Single
courtesy of Saddle Creek Records
Bang Gang
"Something Wrong"
For fans of The Knife, Frou Frou, etc.
Editor's Choice.
courtesy of From Nowhere Records
"Flyentology (Cassettes Won't Listen Remix) feat. Trent Reznor"

courtesy of Definitive Jux Records
The Safes
"Bless This Instance"
"Only In Your Mind"

courtesy of THE SAFES
The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow
When two impossible to categorize bands attach at the hip for a freeform collaboration, the results may be even more gloriously confounding than thought possible. Both The Octopus Project and Black Moth Super Rainbow make bright instrumental post-everything that adequately blends the organic and electronic into honestly forward-looking alien pop.
courtesy of Graveface Records
"Indigo" - Andrew Douglas Rothbard
"High Upon Love" - Andrew Douglas Rothbard
Rothbard (from Pleasure Forever, VSS and Slaves) returns to the scene with his first solo project "Abandoned Meander", a tripped-out and psychedelic ramble through a dark folk forest. This disc is the first in a series of five, in which Rothbard plans to outline the "Law of Fives".
courtesy of Smooch Records
"Along the Quai" - The Berg Sans Nipple
"Mystic Song" - The Berg Sans Nipple
The Berg Sans Nipple present a dazzling amalgam of dreamy electronica, percussion-heavy afro-beats, layers of feedback, pop melodies and dub blankets on Along the Quai, their first "proper" North American release and Team Love's most ambitious release to date. Editor's Choice.
courtesy of Team Love
a Sigur Ros + Mobb Deep Mashup by Emancipator

courtesy of
extortion labs

Calm (Time and AwareNess)- "Get My Mind Right"
Calm - "Treat me like a villain"
courtesy of: Dirty Laboratory
Otem Rellik featuring Astronautalis - "Warm Pockets"

courtesy of DeadSpaceVolume
file under: Hip-Hop,Experimental,Abstract
Arctica - "Agalychnis"

courtesy of Arctica
file under: Experimental,Post-Rock,Folk,Improv
Urban Mythology (Art I Miss + Optimus Pryme) - "Reality TV"
from the 2006 release "Cultural Cannibalism"
courtesy of Broke Pockets
file under: Hip-Hop,DnB
Ceschi - "Sleep"
from the new album, "They Hate Francisco False"
produced by Deadpan Darling
courtesy of Net31 Recordings
file under: Hip-Hop,Progressive
Nomar Slevik - "Observation (Remix)"
Nomar Slevik - "Bunnyman Snowman" (Produced by Moshe)
Erasoul Exclusive, Nomar's new single!
courtesy of Nomar Slevik
file under: Hip-Hop
Spesh - "Alone1"

courtesy of Spesh
file under: Downtempo,Breakbeats,Electronic
Chris "Wick" - "Tele-phony"
from the album "Locket in a Well"
With lyrics resembeling a philosophical labyrinth and glitchy, spaced out production, Wick eschews mainstream rap aesthetics while creating thought provoking, neurotic hip hop. Production is skillfully handled by Joe Canham, Polyphonic the Verbose and DJ Otter. The futuristic beats and synth soundscapes combine richly with cello played by Johnnie Cauldwell and flute by Rodney George Peacock. Wick shares the mic with Joe Canham, Haji, Nico B and Amanu Jahku; a diverse array of vocal styles in dialogue.
courtesy of Audio8 Recordings
file under: Hip-Hop
Pugslee Atomz - "Griffin"
from the album "Playing With Matches"
courtesy of Audio8 Recordings
file under: Hip-Hop
Polyphonic - "Moving On"
from the album "Abstract Data Ark"
"Abstract Data Ark seamlessly flows from beginning to end with a balance between textured, spacey instrumentals, and super-charged rap; making this co-mingling of electronica and hip-hop a must-listen"
courtesy of Audio8 Recordings
file under: Hip-Hop
Nico B - "I Gotta Go"
from the upcoming album "Just Another Day"
courtesy of Audio8 Recordings
file under: Hip-Hop
Serengeti - "Teenager"
produced by Emynd
from the album 'Race Trading'
Recorded with Polyphonic during the summer of 2005 and presented to you free in 2006. Features production from Flesh O.N.E., Cool D, Emynd, DJ Crucial, Dirty Heat and Polyphonic. Guest vocal apearances by Lemon and Nico B.
Download the whole album HERE
courtesy of Audio8 Recordings
file under: Hip-Hop
Escape Artists - "Waste"
Wow, take a listen to this. An unreleased track, as of yet! MC's in order of appearance: Ahmuse, Xczircles, Aamir
courtesy of Escape Artists
file under: Hip-Hop, Progressive
Straiht Wikid Crew (aka Jason Fladien)- "Love Me or Hate Me"
from his debut album, 'Kali Yuga Demolition Vol. 1'
courtesy of SWC
file under: Hip-Hop
Soren Vinson - "Chrome Chrysanthemum"
Soren Vinson - "Valium"
from the album, 'Nightglow'
available for download at SoundClick
file under: Electronic/Downtempo/Experimental breakbeats
Qwel & Jackson Jones - "Blood From A Stone"
from the new album "Dark Day"
file under: Hip-Hop, Progressive
courtesy of: Galapagos4
Skyrider - "Before The Dawn"
Skyrider - "Every Day of Their Lives"
file under: Downtempo/Experimental Folk Hop
courtesy of: Endemik Music
available at midheaven
D.V. Ayshun - "Isn't It Funny"
courtesy of: Life For The Better
Offbeat - "My Specialty"
courtesy of: Life For The Better
Outerlimitz - "Packaged in Plastic"
from the new album "Suicide Prevention"
file under: Hip-Hop, Progressive
courtesy of: Galapagos4
Time - "Thanks Dad, Sorry Mom"
from the album "Litterature"
courtesy of: Dirty Laboratory
Calm (Time and AwareNess)- "Step Ladders"
Calm (Time and AwareNess)- "Treat me like a villain"
courtesy of: Dirty Laboratory
Synergy (Kurram and E.August)- "Strangers of Free Will"
from their forth-coming full-length
courtesy of: Basement Troubadour
Moshe - "Helping People (Is Cool)"
featuring Nomar Slevik, K-the-I???, Sontiago, and Syn the Shaman
from the album "Miles Away"
courtesy of: Milled Pavement
Sontiago and Moshe
produced and mixed by: Moshe
Rajbot - "Self Strike"
from the album "Modern Complaints"
courtesy of: Spacement Records
written and produced by: Rajbot
soso - "hungover for three days straight"
soso - "finding out about a big pile of stones"

from the album "tenth street and clarence"
courtesy of: ClothesHorseRecords
written and produced by: soso
Mutamassik - "Immigrants On Course" from the album "Masri Mokkassar: Definitive Works"
courtesy of: Sound Ink
Cognition - "Frozen Sun" from the album "Shipwrecked"
sleeping giant music
produced by: Tree
mixed by: Cognition
Cognition - "Nullified Wingspan" featuring Aamir of the Escape Artists from the album Golem (The Flesh)
sleeping giant music
Escape Artists
produced by: Emynd (Vinyl Monkeys)
mixed by: Xczircles
Theta Metronome (Cognition and Aamir) - "Fleeting Simulacrum" featuring Zczircles from the album "The Gathering"
courtesy of:
sleeping giant music
Escape Artists
produced by: Emynd (Vinyl Monkeys)
mixed by: Xczircles
[ All mp3s posted with permission of artist/label ]