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Designers : Inspiration and Reference

<< Safe Place >>
Anything you ever wanted to know about any logo!
Bleed Designstudio
Brains on Fire
California ISO
CSA Design
Designers Toolbox: Standard Banner Sizes
deviantART: lucky13's Gallery TUTORIALS
DMN Forum: Adobe Illustrator
fresh styles for web designers
FunnelDesignGroup - vector program
Lakonic - The Volume of Silence
mavericks: the wave beyond
MonkeyClan - 2004
PigeonHole Design
PJ Loughran Illustration - Freelance Web & Graphic Design Portfolio
Strukt Visual Network - Recent
ThreeTon: New Media and Marketing
tokyoplastic v.2
Top 7 alternative Image Editors and Converters ยป Blog Archive Website Design Blog -
wassco to go: apparel [t-shirts, muscle shirts, hats]
Welcome to Shanzcan home for Photoshop Aholics!


M.M. Designs - Brush Set Tutorial
Free Photoshop Brushes Resources.

Contracts for Freelancers

Freelance Contracts
TechRepublic - Real World, Real Time, Real IT


My First Font - How to make your own font
High-Logic - Font Creator
SimplytheBest Fonts G
Download fonts |
FontEditor BitfontMaker
Fontleech: The Free Font Blog

Tutorials : General Web Development/Graphic Design

Bookmarks for web-designers and webdevelopers | CSS, Color Tools, Royalty free photos, Usability etc.
Photoshop Tutorials, HTML Tutorials, Flash Tutorials
the web developer's handbook
Free Photoshop Tutorials, HTML Tutorials, Flash Tutorials
Bravenet HTML and CSS Tutorials
Web Design Reference Guide > CSS Box Model Mastery
Vitamin - A resource for web developers, designers and entrepreneurs
How to add a Google Map to any web page in less than 10 minutes
AIRTIGHT - PostcardViewer Download
Google Calendar Button Creator
Protolize | Essential web tools in one place - GOOD LINKS

Tutorials : CSS CSS Positioning
CSS Basics - Making Cascading Style Sheets Easy to Understand
Create a nice Web Forms online- Ajax style
70+ css designs for tables
Cascading Style Cheatsheet
Essential bookmarks for web-designers and webdevelopers | CSS, Color Tools, Royalty free photos, Usability etc.
css : preloading images
Open Source Web Design - Preview - SimpliCss2
Download and upload free web designs.
Drop-Down Menus, Horizontal Style: A List Apart

Tutorials : HTML

Inside Dynamic HTML -Creating Scrollable Tables
Webmonkey : HTML Cheatsheet Experiments in Web Programming
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Image w/ description tooltip
Mouse over a link and have the image of your choice plus corresponding description pop up.
Meta Tag Generator @ Your Online Income Success Site

Tutorials : Illustrator

Illustrator Tutorials

Tutorials : Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
Streams of dusty light Photoshop tutorial
Adobe Photoshop Killer Tips

Tutorials : PHP

Bring Your Web Site to Life With PHP
PHP Basics
Templating with PHP
PHP/MySQL Tutorial - Part 1

Tutorials : Power Point

The PowerPoint FAQ List
PowerPoint Tips
Presenting Using Technology Articles

Templates for Printing CD and DVD Designs

Templates for Graphic Artists - CD/CD-ROM Duplication, Replication, Manufacturing, by Oasis
Disc Makers Templates

:Develop Color Schemes for your next project :

Place this HTML Color Code tool on your website free. | Professional Turnkey Websites